Making Valentine's Day fun for deployed troops and their spouses

Making Valentine's Day fun for deployed troops and their spouses

Holidays can be difficult if you or your spouse is on deployment. One particular holiday that is tough to weather alone is Valentine’s Day. This is an important time for couples to be together. Although being in the same room may not be an option, there are still plenty of ways to show they’re in your heart.

Send a military care package

If your loved one is away from home and can receive mail, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect opportunity to send them something nice. A care package should have items they love, find funny and maybe even embarrass them a little.  Anything that shows how much you miss and care for them will be appreciated.
One great addition to a military care package could be their favorite cookies or treats. This will give them a nice reminder of what’s waiting for them back home. In order for the treats to travel well, you may want to avoid chocolate, as it could melt in transit. Also, adding a slice of bread to a batch of cookies will keep them from drying out.
Writing love notes, enclosing pictures and even making a DVD of yourself are also nice thoughts. Let your imagination run wild. However, your spouse may show it to friends and colleagues, so you may want to keep it tasteful.

Do something fun for yourself

Letting your spouse know you are thinking about them is great, but you may want to do something for yourself to take your mind off of how much you miss them.
This could come in the form of a night out with friends, or throw a low-key party at home. The possibilities are endless, but taking a break from thinking about Valentine’s Day without your loved one may be a good change of pace.
When not with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you may need a helping hand in a difficult situation. Don’t be shy to turn to your friends, family, and other resources for help. We understand the challenges of military life – we have been in your shoes.